"fitting the pieces together"

What We Do

  • We provide you with a factory, warehouse and workforce.
  • We simply charge you for each order we despatch and long-term storage space.
  • No overheads for you, just a modest direct cost.

We firmly believe that the business relationship between you and us is the same as a partnership. When we help you to be successful we are also helping ourselves to be successful. It is therefore in the interests Shelvingof everyone that we work closely together to achieve the best results and this is the point from which we start.

Firstly, we start with a blank sheet – we have no embedded systems to which you must conform. We can start with your current way of working or design a system that suits us all – we’re totally flexible.

We encourage start-ups or very small businesses, as we understand that everyone starts somewhere in a small way – as we did once-upon-a-time!

We’re very happy to show you around and discuss how we might help you, without any obligations.

Inside Warehouse

We can:

  • Receive your goods straight from your supplier, check them and store them for you.
  • We can handle your customers’ orders by downloading orders directly from your website or various places that you may be selling from. Amazon and Ebay being two of the most popular.
  • We can pick, pack & post your customers’ orders, using the Royal Mail or a variety of couriers.
  • We can perform a variety of hand assembly operations should you wish to have your product delivered in component form and built by us.
  • We can help you with sourcing the ideal packaging to ensure your products arrive with your customer in perfect condition.
  • We can gift wrap your products to your specifications.

Gift Wrapped Item

We are adept at handling all those awkward products that you love to hate! Some of the many products we have handled include:

  • beauty products
  • books
  • bird boxes & feeders
  • DVDs
  • designer labelled clothing
  • decorative light-switch covers
  • Grow Kits for Boots & BHS
  • health products
  • 40-year-old Wembley football stadium seats
  • posters
  • prints signed by Mssrs Corbett & Barker
  • rose bushes
  • sports equipment
  • toys & games
  • teeth whitening kit

Assembled ProductAssembled Product

Simple, Light, Clean Hand Assembly Tasks

In essence our main resource is providing lots of pairs of hands to be used for any purpose that is commercially viable. To this end we provide a light, clean, simple assembly service to our clients – be it pre-assembly of products, contract packing work or activities such as assembly of mailshots. For many years we have performed the simple task of inserting a sachet of flower or vegetable seeds into the seed packets seen in garden centres.

We have also handled the assembly of growing kits for sale in Boots & BHS, packing a range of seed packets sold in Tesco's, Hamperpackaging of lady's hosiery for sale in House of Frazer & T K Maxx, attachment of vouchers to Bachelors' Cup-a-Soup sachets and a host of other operations that cannot economically be achieved by machinery.

If you have a need to assemble a component, create a collection of parts, collate a mailshot and post it, receive the responses to such a mailing, either by post or telephone, speak to us!

GDPR and Data Privacy

We are GDPR compliant and members of the ICO. We treat any data you may share with us with the utmost security. Our privacy policy can be seen by request.